Symphonic Orchestra

Striving for 100% authenticity and exceptional quality were key when developing this top quality sample library featuring a full symphony orchestra - as realistic and as natural as possible. Symphonic Orchestra was created for producers and composers who don't accept any compromises.

Featuring complete string, brass, woodwind and percussion sections, this incredible sample library offers an amazing level of transparency and dynamics.
The nuances of this instrument collection are rich in variety and make for a particularly well-defined sound, they provide you with a realistic orchestral feel.

Symphonic Orchestra Demo:

Orchestral Strings

Orchestral Strings is a collection of excellent string instruments consolidated into one phenomenal sample library with an indescribably diverse array of sounds.

String arrangements play a pivotal role in modern film compositions and contemporary music productions as they belong to one of the most important instrument groups.

Professionalism, high standards and liveliness - the violins, violas, cellos and double basses are all available in different playing styles and can be used as solo instruments or together as a complete string ensemble.

Orchestral Strings Demo:

Saxophone & Brass

The sample library for saxophone & brass was recorded in more detail than ever before! Use the countless playing styles in limitless dynamic levels and variations, and experience an unprecedented level of realism. This collection of wind instrument samples is particularly well suited to classic arrangements, rock, pop, jazz and big band.

The following ways of playing are available: long notes, vibrato, sforzando, falls, staccato, spiccato, thrills, growlings, screams, tongue slaps, key sounds and various FX. These are also available in varying dynamic levels - with up to 4 variations!

Moreover you can choose from a variety of mouthpieces to help you achieve the desired sound.

Saxophone Demo:

Brass Demo:

The "Independence Instruments" are content for the Independence Software Sampler. The Independence Sampler Workstation or the free "Independence Free" are required for usage