Acoustic & Electronic Guitars

Acoustic & Electric Guitars is one single sample library crammed with impressive guitar sounds. Precision and feeling are two qualities that really distinguish this collection of acoustic and electric guitar samples, special attention was paid to the versatility of articulations and sounds.

You get exactly what you're looking for: authentic guitar sounds in high quality, from vintage to modern. Acoustic and Electric Guitars help provides never-before captured nuances resulting in an unprecedented level of realism. The incredible attention to detail and versatility of expression guarantee a top quality playing experience and authentic guitar sound!

Acoustic Guitars Demo:

Electric Guitars Demo:

Acoustic & Electronic Basses

Acoustic & Electric Basses covers the entire range of 4-string, 5-string and fretless electric & acoustic bass guitars, and can be used for all kinds of music. It allows for a wide range of playing techniques: fingered, fingered muted, thumb slapped, picked and picked muted, not forgetting long notes, vibrato notes, short notes, ghosts, tappings, hammer-ons, 8th notes, slides, fret noises, FX - everything in up to 8x velocity!

The bass samples were recorded in a variety of scales and playing techniques in order to provide even more a more authentic bass sound. You can be sure that your basslines will never sound like they came from a sample library, but have a realistic, groovy sound to them instead - as if they were being played live!

Acoustic Bass Demo:

Electric Bass Demo:

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