Acoustic & Electronic Drums

Acoustic & Electronic Drums is the perfect Sound Library for punchy drum parts in your productions! Experience realistic drum sounds using the finest kits and electronic drum machines around, recorded in breathtaking quality.

By using selected high-end components within the recording process, this unique collection now features superior drum sounds.

No matter what style you want, be it rock, pop, jazz, metal, trash or hip-hop, Acoustic & Electronic Drums has top quality drum samples for every situation.

Acoustic Drums Demo:

Electronic Drums Demo:

World, Ethno, Orchestral & Industrial Percussion

This instrument gives you the ultimate selection of percussive sounds - from djembes to tamtams, tablas, taikos, darabukas and shakers to chimes, bongos, congas, claps, tambourines and lots more percussive instruments. The extensive sound library includes a complete range of World, Ethno, Orchestral and Industrial percussion.

Choose instruments from around the world - recorded in astounding fidelity and featuring the widest variety of playing styles. By incorporating various articulations and playing techniques this sample library reaches formerly unprecedented levels of authenticity for percussive instruments.

World Percussion Demo:

Ethno Percussion Demo:

Orchestral Percussion Demo:

Industrial Percussion Demo:

The "Independence Instruments" are content for the Independence Software Sampler. The Independence Sampler Workstation or the free "Independence Free" are required for usage