ENGINE sets new standards for sample based instruments and offers by far the fastest, simplest and most powerful software for playing, editing and creating authentic instruments on your computer. ENGINE is easy and intuitive to use: clearly structured user interface, flexibility thank to the fully modular architecture, incredible effects and numerous unique features.

And: All Engine products can be launched within Independence - enjoy all the features of Independence Pro Software Suite in your Engine product!

Engine has been developed for and in cooperation with Best Service.

The innovative Sample Player Platform

ENGINE, based on the Independence Sampler Technology is an innovative Sample Player platform. The result is beyond impressive: a fully customizable multi-page Sample Player designed specially for an unlimited array of inspiring sample libraries and virtual instruments. All ENGINE based products are all fully compatible with the powerful software sampler Independence, which means ENGINE can be used as an extension to your Independence Library - including all the Independence parameters and features!

Interfaces VST, AU, RTAS, Standalone
Platform Mac OS X & Windows XP/Vista
MIDI Ports/Channels 32/16 (512 MIDI channels simutaneously)
Output Mono/Stereo 64/64
Supported audio formats up to 32 Bit / 192 kHz
Surround support up to 8.1
MIDI file import Yes
Audio file import Yes (up to 25 audio files)
VST effect import Yes
VST instrument import Yes
Chicken Systems Translator compatible Yes
Multi-timbral unlimited
Maximum Polyphony unlimited
Host & MIDI automation Yes
Unique GUI design Yes
Impulse response processor Yes
Insert filter & effects > 46
BUS & custom channels unlimited

Creative and flexible solutions

ENGINE is the product of committed sampler technology development and the vision of designing an adjustable, flexible Sample Player. To give you maximum control and flexibility of your music productions ENGINE can import third-party VST effect plug-ins and VST instrument plug-ins! It also boasts access to hundreds of customized music related features and unbeatable performance. An intuitive user interface, unique file management, ultrafast Disk Streaming Technology, Multicore processor support as well as the RAM Cleaner allow you to load and use unlimited instruments in seconds. Whether in mono, stereo of surround environments of up to 8.1 - ENGINE ist fully primed and provides creative, flexible and immediate solutions for producers, film composers, sound designers, songwriters and remixers

Quick Edit Page

The Quick Edit Page is ENGINE's standard page. It features the most important and commonly used functions and parameters for using instruments. Every instrument (layer) can have its own design, the Quick Edit Page automatically changes to a fitting interface when the corresponding layer is selected. This unique feature makes ENGINE one of the most powerful and special Sample Players around. All ENGINE based products can be loaded into the same software, giving you constant access to the Quick Edit Page of any instrument.

Pro Edit Page

If you want to change settings or make further adjustments to instruments the Pro Edit Page, specifically the Modifier, is the right place for you. Tempo synschronized LFOs, the use of any external MIDI controllers, randomizer and flexible, free envelopes - ENGINE offers everything you need to customize your music. The Modifier's ingenious structure and the ability to integrate it into to the user interface make for a quick, simple and unbeatable workflow. On this page you can add your instruments as well as filters and effects.

Mixer, Browser & Preferences Page

The Independence Mixer allows you to work quickly and efficiently, it contains everything you need to give your work its finishing touches. This versatile file browser gives you immediate, simple access to all the files you can use in ENGINE. This means you always have an overview of your ENGINE projects, layer sets, layers and sections as well as available MIDI and audio files. Moreover, the Preferences Page features every parameter required for personalizing your sound.