LC1 – Continuous Loudness Control

Automatic Realtime Loudness Normalization (EBU R128)

The Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT) and MAGIX AG proudly present a joint plug-in solution for the Radio and Television Broadcast Industry for adjusting loudness and loudness range in realtime: LC1 – Continuous Loudness Control

With the introduction of loudness conform distribution of radio and television programs according to international standards EBU R128 and ITU-R BS.1770 there is a high demand for tools that support loudness compliant workflows in production, archiving and distribution for TV and radio stations operating in Germany, Europe and worldwide.
MAGIX Sequoia is a popular DAW software that is widely used in German broadcasting and includes the most advanced and sophisticated loudness functions available on the market, such as Loudness Metering, True Peak Maximizer, Loudness Normalization and Loudness Compliant Export to Broadcast Databases. These functions can also be utilized in a server environment using batch processing or watch folder applications of the Sequoia – Quality Integration Services (QIS).

The IRT technology partner

In past years, the IRT has focused its research on loudness development and introduced the algorithm for the LC1 on occasion of 27th Tonmeistertagung 2012 in Cologne. This algorithm enables normalization of audio material according to the target level of the international standards as well as a continuous change of the loudness range during operation. This fundamentally new method contains several patent pending technologies. In contrary to other levelers this algorithm maintains the original dynamic ratio of the input audio signal to a great extent. To make the scientific results of the IRT research available to broadcast and television customers, the LC1 plug-in was developed in close cooperation with MAGIX and adds realtime adjustment of loudness and dynamics to the already existing loudness features in Sequoia or other DAWs.


The plug-in can be used in production environments as well as in playout systems and supports follwing workflows:

  • Normalization of live input signals
  • Master channel plug-in
  • Normalization of objects and tracks
  • Fully automated file-based workflows
  • Master plug-in in broadcast channels
  • Application for stereo and surround

The LC1 can control Loudness as well as Loudness Range (LRA). The Loudness Control can be used for the long-term, hardly noticeable adjustment of the average loudness. In contrast, the Loudness Range Control can be used for normalization of sudden loudness changes.


The LC1 plug-in

The LC1 comes with an easy user interface and enables the usage of algorithm presets, as well as a very detailed interaction down to each single parameter. The LC1 is compatible with audio and video software that supports VST (PC) and will be offered for other platforms upon request.

System requirements

  • Operating System Windows Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit/64-bit)
  • Audio or video program with VST2 interface (32-bit/64-bit)
  • CodeMeter dongle (Firmware 1.14 or higher)
  • USB connection



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