Cleaning & Restoration Suite

The Cleaning & Restoration Suite offers you an entire series of cleaning effects as well as real-time effects and offline effects.

The Cleaning & Restoration Suite (including Spectral Cleaning Feature) is a proprietary product component, which can be activated from Samplitude Pro X2 and Samplitude Pro X2 Suite. Within the program, click on "Help" and then "Activate Cleaning Restoration Suite".

DeClicker / DeCrackler
The DeClicker removes crackling and clicking noises, which are typical on scratched records, and which was also developed especially for louder individual clicking sounds. The DeCrackler, on the other hand, may be used to apply consistent correction to popping noises..

The DeClipper removes overmodulation. The audio material is used as the basis for applying interpolation to the location where the overmodulation, or "clipping", takes place. The DeClipping algorithm is suitable for audio material with clearly audible overmodulation, e.g. distorted piano or vocals.

Effectively remove disturbing noise from Wave projects and objects, without adding any noticeable coloration of the source material. The algorithm carries out a pure noise test. This is especially useful for consistent, continuous noise like power humming or ventilation noise, or even feedback.

Brilliance Enhancer
Use this tool to compensate losses in high frequency ranges, which occur during MP3 compensation or tape recordings. In contrast to an equalizer, which only raises existing frequencies, the brilliance enhancer recalculates new overtones from the remaining signal and markedly refreshes the sound. The brilliance enhancer is also available in the mastering area for increasing the transparency and brilliance of the sound.

Spectral Cleaning
Remove noises such as sneezing or clapping without influencing the original signal in a perceptible manner. Using a spectrogram, noises are quickly identified according to their color representation and removed - ideal for short, clear noises.